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Montañita′s beach is perfect to walk, its fine-sand beach creates a massage effect for your feet that leads you to a state of relaxation. Hundreds of people from all corners of the world share this space, creating a multicultural environment filled with joy.


All across the beach you can find umbrellas and chairs for rent for only $6,00 per day.  There are also a number of beach ven-dors circling the beach offering fresh ceviche, coconuts, ice cream and different types of sweets and salty. Towards your right (North) you can find The Point, known worlwide for its great waves. It has a wide spread area of rocks that kiss the ocean.


We recommend you wear shoes and be really careful since you may find smooth surfaces and big cracks. You can also find small ponds that are filled with water, turning this place into a unique spot where you can check the surfers enjoying this constant wave machine.


On your left (South), you can reach the Town, the colorful tourist center of our beach, where you can also find several restaurants, bakeries, shops and other services. If you continue along the beach, towards the South, you can reach Manglaralto, a small commune with a beautiful landscape and restaurants fronting the sea.

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